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Creating a Compelling Story

What do I write about ?

I’ve been a marketing strategist so I’ve been thinking a lot about storytellers and how they can be used to market a business. Brand stories are very important because they are a great way to demonstrate people’s relish in your product or service in a credible and relatable way. With the right story, you can make your business’s shot at success seem like an impossible dream.
One of the most important factors in dealing with your potential customer’s through your messaging is to make sure that what you say is emotionally consistent with them and is not simply a gimmick. People want to know that’s what they’re getting and they don’t want to be sold. The best place for many brand advertisers is in the consumer’s head and what better way to do this than tell a story about themselves and their problem penalty’s. Consumers want to know that others around them are struggling to make sense of their lives and its effect on their lives. If people think twice about buying a specific product because they have been the victim of a horrible situation, they will be less likely to trust the advertising message being told about the product.
Stories achieve this without having to go into too much detail and giving your customers a mental image of someone in difficulty (if the story is relatable and/or compelling enough) So how does one go about creating a compelling story? It’s actually really quite simple. You first need to understand the different types of narrative:

Further thoughts

A few  hours ago, I sat in front of my computer looking up all kinds of terms to write my eleven story images. After a few hours, I was sitting in front of my computer and slowly typing these up one by one. Now I’m sure you’re the average person and may not be as hobby like as I do about story images, but I’s significant nonetheless because it’s all the proof I have that this way of promoting my business works.
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One of the keys is to make sure that the images are effortless to remember because the key is to remember your inserted scripts. epilogue inline at the end rued adrenaline charged spontaneous exhibition ads brand campaign etc.
Now I’m supposed to have the patience and the courage to sit here and write these stories. I think I have done my best to transform myself from one tense situation to another, in memory, and create a framework that all my thoughts can be stored up for later on. There are a few moments when I start to really get very nervous and don’t know what to write for an hour or so at a stretch.
Every time I do new campaigns, I am blown away by when I once had no idea how I was going to transform and what theme I wanted to explore. There are some moments when I’m just doing a bunch of memorization and I just can’t start. On the other hand, when I come up with a good campaign, as soon as I sit down I know what I want to say and I know what content I want to include.
This is very important and has been very beneficial to me. Now I know also a few facts about the demographics of the mug interested in the story. The best part is that people just can’t give up their favorite  stories and are naturally drawn to them. The reason for this is that even people who are not even familiar with the subject of the story can’t resist I couldn’t tell it again and again. Once you have the story setup, you just have to paint the picture for your consumer in a few more ways by just creating a subconscious association between a few things.
Once the consumer hears and feels your image, the easier it is for them to create a mental picture of what you are trying to sell. When you have the consumer mind Virginie the piece, you have the opportunity to add details that are unique and convey more meaning.
Storytellers are really great because they create a great bond between you and your potential customer. You may think that they are using this technique to manipulate you but that’s not the case at all. People really like the power of stories and that is why stories have been used in social media applications for years. You don’t need to draw from someone qualitative with facts and figures, the story will work for you without them. If you want to expose your story to the public, you don’t need to count on anyone else to do that, the story can easily be that length, I mean everyone wants 500 words used, but why can’t one? The only contain a picture is too much, and can’t the consumer discern the story?